Focus on the user to create greatness!

How will they know that you truly love them?

Your website can be a great stage to let them know!

Their journey will start before doing a search — and they may not know it.

Odden Creative is well versed at building an online strategy with empathy for the user.

Clients ask for help with their website...

What they really want is something completely different.

They are actually looking for new customers / creating community / providing help.

So we start by asking...

What is the purpose?

What goal do you want to achieve?

To get to that, we want to answer...

user focus

Who are your users?


We believe that all good things begin by looking at who the intended audience is, and this is particularly true of your users.

It is important to understand how your product or service makes their life better.

We start by detailing who is using the product. They are the ones who will become your fans.

What makes you awesome?


By now you know what your product is.

You likely even know how it works.

But one thing matters for your user — why this is important for you.

When you let them know why this product is important, how it works, and what it is, people get a chance to know and understand your business.

This helps them become fans!

What will it take to make it happen?


Knowing your user gives you insight to how to make their lives better.

Understanding your business and product identifies what is important for you and your user.

Prioritizing what is going to make the best impact for the effort gives a plan that be executed successfully.

FRESHStart is a discovery framework that helps you look at your business with fresh eyes.

What is FRESHStart?


Developed through our many years of experience FRESHStart helps identify who your tribe is, what you are really offering, and help you prioritize your needs.

Learn more...