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People. Ideas. Technology.

Born from a sincere desire to do good and help others, we focus first on the people, then the ideas, and finally the technology.

Anyone can use a service advertised late night on News Cable Channel to build a website.

To build a website that has a purpose, fill a need, and help others get to know you – that is something we are able to handle with aplomb.

Even in the early part of his career, Darren focused more on the needs of the customer with the software he wrote. How a particular function worked, how many steps it took to complete a task, and even how to approach a missed opportunity with a rush to be the first to release, it has been this that he brings in the philosophy of Odden Creative.

It is a natural fit for us to focus on testable solutions to build a plan that will grow your business. This can include a competitive analysis, website health review, user journey development, content strategy, and maintenance plan. Each customer has different needs, so you can bet your plan will be tailored specifically to you.

The team at Odden Creative is ready to discuss your project needs and start you on the path of building momentum.

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