Who DO is…

Darren Odden

Darren Odden

Creative Experience Architect

What happens when you combine Brand & Web Design, Software Development, System Architecture, Data Analytics, and a strong passion for User Experience?

You get a Creative Experience Architect that knows how to DO! (isn’t that clever?)

My first brand design sold while I was still in high school. It is still being used by the Montana Board of Medical Examiners to this day.

After a number of years working in jobs that included design, I learned to program. You see, there was this computer game I wanted to play…

So I learned Assembly and C++ programming languages. The game never happened, but I did work as a software engineer for a few years. I found I had a knack for creating or extending complex system processes.

I still did some design and then migrated my way into program management, managing up to 10 software projects each quarter for Dell Computer.

After the dotBomb, I took his knowledge and created mediaMystique, a design business that focused mostly on print ads, conferences, and some interactive media. I changed my focus to very complex websites.

Before starting Odden Creative, I maintained and wrote new software that helped crawl the internet looking for brand protection, finding abuse of brands, misuse of brand names, and helping to locate counterfeit goods.

I am more than willing to delve into any programming language with vigor.

Focusing mostly on web architectures and applications, Darren has used his backgrounds in design, development, branding, and data architecture leaving a string of satisfied clients and teams while keeping a forward eye to how he can make more lives better.