Developing Interfaces with Alcatel-Lucent

Developing Interfaces with Alcatel-Lucent

Walking into NextSpace, the coworking location that leads the coworking revolution, I was told by Iris that I needed to talk to Erik. Upon approach, Erik said that I should walk down to the productOps location. Standing in the doorway, I let Bob know I was sent there to help them, and they set me to work.

The Challenge

Alcatel-Lucent OpenAPI ShirtA group at Alcatel-Lucent tasked with creating a mobile API registration service requested the assistance of productOps. The client registration site was to be hosted using Drupal. This layer was to communicate with Alcatel-Lucent’s API and other third party API services used in mobile device applications. The service also gives access to billing gateways, location-based services, and more to app developers.

The Solution

A skeleton framework structured a middleware layer in place that would handle the registration of the API’s from third party vendors, and give the instructions, and login credentials for the mobile app developers. The added benefit kept the lawyers happy.

aws customer presentation alcatel-lucentForm submissions were sent from the form in a custom drupal module and submitted to the API registration service in the middleware. This would communicate with the API services to get the handles required to close the communication. The registration service was virtualized so that the API

The registration service was virtualized so that knowledge of the API was not required, giving the registration service additional flexibility.

This solution once completed was packaged to install and scale in the client’s servers.

The Execution

The front end client was built using Drupal to help make managing users easier. Special install profiles were created allowing for a hands-off install to allow to spin quickly. This included an RTL (right to left) deployment to support additional languages.

The middleware layer was built using Zend Framework, and the interface allowed communication through XML, JSON, and PHP arrays.

The final packages were RPM packages that would install and pull the right bits and install them correctly on Centos and RedHat systems.

Open API Platform Overview

Ross Turk of Alcatel-Lucent describes OpenAPIServices at GlueCon


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