Gillespie Typeface

A Typeface Tribute to a Great – Gillespie

Based on Riesling – itself based on Aphrodite by Richard Nebiolo when he worked for Photo-Lettering – this typeface cleans up and extends the work to include symbols not initially available. It is a work in progress, but functional enough to begin criticism. I already began extending the font beyond where it originated and cleaned up many sections that bothered me with the original. The intended purpose of this typeface is for large scale projects. It is not well suited for small format digital or print designs. If you are looking for an Art Deco styled elegant typeface for use for Screen titles, or Posters, you have likely found a great candidate. This is a creative commons attribution license. You may use it in professional and personal designs.

Gillespie has been included in Luc Devroye’s history for Richard Nebiolo for the Aphrodite typeface!