Helping Harmless Harvest

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Helping Harmless Harvest

I’ve never been big on coconut water, but soon after I was introduced to Harmless Harvest, this changed.

The Challenge

Built in Drupal, the Harmless Harvest website was found to be far more complicated than the team expected. Originally contacted to make a static site responsive, the relationship morphed to help guide the long-term site hosting and management solution.

The Solution

Design a mobile site that utilized the look already established, and create a responsive framework on top of the site that already existed.

Go through discovery to find what the client is comfortable managing and create a solution that matches the needs and flexibility requested.

The Execution

Harmless Harvest iPhoneThis initial project created a website redesigned to integrate with the look and feel of the original siteĀ and integrate it to make it responsive across mobile and tablet devices. This provides a stop gap and limits cost exposure, allowing the technology to bridge to the longer term solution.

Upon completion of the responsive rework, the group went through discussions and created a long-term strategy to move to SquareSpace, allowing the marketing team to manage the site directly. Only when they have more advanced needs than they are comfortable do they then tag in for more expertise.

Client: Harmless Harvest


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