Strategy for the Human Journey

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Strategy for the Human Journey

There are some clients that have beautiful ideas and they run with them only to take a moment later to realize that they need a more holistic ideal. This was one of those times.

The Challenge

Everything that the group wanted to accomplish was well thought out for each of the concepts. They want to have courseware that would allow for journaling.

They want to have courseware that would allow for journaling.

They had a terrific landing page to capture inbound leads.

The blog was well read and had a solid readership.

Each executed well within their own right, but that was the rub. They each were in their own territory. The scalability was lacking.

The Solution

Human Journey & Forgiveness ChallengeWe needed to migrate the user base, content, and coursework all into a single site that would be able to scale to size and attract new users.

The Execution

The first thing to consider was to integrate all three sites user bases into one single user base. This included mapping the data for the courseware, landing page, and the blog. We built by starting the migration on Pantheon for security and development workflow purposes.

We then migrated the users and data from the blog and landing page and linked in the common users (though they had different user names).

After we migrated the users and data from the smaller websites, we started looking at the content and user ids for the courseware. Just as we finished migrating

Just as we finished migrating, the old site became the focus of a malicious attack. We moved the final users over and were testing the quality of the data already. We ended up putting the coursework on a “vacation” for a couple of days to make sure that we had all the data in the right places. In the end, we only had to send 10 users a link for a password reset of the 13K users migrated.

Client: Human Journey


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