Search Organic Materials with CCOF

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Search Organic Materials with CCOF

Initially, CCOF came to me as a referral to help them launch their failing Drupal website. Doing a post mortem on the launch of the Drupal site, we discussed how they came to use a solution that did not fit their server infrastructure. Drupal does best when launched on a *nix server, but their technical team really was most comfortable with Windows servers.

The Challenge

CCOF challenged us to develop a solution that searches the data they have about organic materials that have been certified. The materials are managed in an interface that runs on a Windows Server and stores the data in SQL Server.

The Solution

The best choice is to fit the client’s needs and write software that uses the data they already have accessible. Through discovery, we learned that they already had an IIS server running, so we targeted to use C# and build a native internet application.

The Execution

The application has a light delivery footprint with minimal server requests to make sure it is able to search quickly and easily, even in the most challenging service locations as this application is used by farmers often in the fields.

A small number of smartly designed stored procedures allow for the database to run the queries in the database and return the data that is needed. The searches allow for weighted results that best match the terms requested.

In the 3 years since it has launched, I have only been approached once to update the search to get more focused results.

Client: CCOF (California Certified Organic Farming)


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