Themes Developed for UC Merced

Themes Developed for UC Merced


The Challenge

UC Merced Chancellor site - DesktopThe University of California Merced is rebranding their websites and required a template that would be easy to spin up by their administrators. The added challenge that it needed to extend the Stanford OpenFramework Bootstrap theme which uses Bootstrap 2.36, which meant that many conventions that are common were rethought for a less current CSS framework.

The Solution

To help make this project more manageable, we setup the project to watch and rebuild the different CSS files. Different sites can easily have their own color schemes based on the framework’s structure. As an example, the Natural Sciences have a different CSS color profile than the Chancellor has. To optimize for page load, each style is minified in their own CSS file. While most the CSS structure is identical, the differences are extended in strategic places allowing it to have a style based on their desires.

Search Weather SocialWe also added in a top bar that is identical across all sites but can have a different set of links if it is necessary. In addition, the social media links in the navigation are customizable, and the menu can change between mega menus and regular menus easily while maintaining it’s mobile menus.


The theme was ready to launch in 2 months as requirements altered. As additional styles came online, the main theme finessed to greater flexibility. University of California Merced’s Chancellor launched in September 2016. This is the first site launched with this new configuration.

Client: University of California – Merced
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