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Creating awesome experiences for your customers at every interaction.

It is true that we use technology to help put your business first, but we always begin with the people and ideas. These drive what technology is used and to what purpose.

Our Services

With a number of services that cater towards solutions based on technology, it is never where we begin.
We start all projects and updates considering the people first, and then the idea or purpose.
It isn't until we consider the who and why that we decide on what solution will fit best.

Digital Strategy

Starting with questions - a lot of questions, we get to understand your business, wishes, and priorities.
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Web Design

A platform to launch a website that will grow with your business over time, allowing to learn over time.
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Content Strategy

A strategy that includes a curated choice of media types based on the needs of your customers.
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User Experience Testing

Taking the guess out of what people are using or getting hung on, we employ a number of tools.
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Brand Strategy

Is it a logo? 
Is it your voice?
It is what your customer says it is.
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Inbound Marketing

Interruptive advertising doesn't work. Invite new contacts to your site and nurture relationships
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Graphics Design

Fit and feel of your site and solutions are a good way to instill trust with your users
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Web Applications

Well developed applications allow for growth and learning as needs change
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Laura R., Catalyst Creations

"Odden Creative has pulled my fat from the fire on numerous occasions. Very easy to work with. Very understanding and patient, no matter how obscure the question or problem."
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