Revitalization of Aphrodite by Darren Odden

Darren’s story of wanting a licensed typeface that had twice died starts with Riesling.

A number of times, Darren was looking for a typeface that threw back to the 20’s and 30’s gaslamp years. In his searches, Riesling kept calling. The only problem is he couldn’t find a valid license of use, and his ethics kept him from just using it.

Finally, in 2014, Darren started getting serious about wanting to research the history and try and find who owned the rights to offer usage to the typeface. Eventually, he found that the originator was Richard  Nebiolo’s creation, Aphrodite, for PhotoLettering, Inc in 1970.

Through continued research and discussion, he was determined to go back to the artwork and expand upon the shapes and forms, a number of elements got upgraded, and new elements were created, including the Euro.

Now the typeface is available with a Creative Commons Attributions license.




Gillespie was also known as Neue Riesling