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What is Content Marketing?

Posted by: Darren Odden
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If you have been anywhere around a web design agency or marketing firm, you are told that you need content marketing. After all, content is king. But what does that mean

Well, it depends.

What is content?

Content can mean some things to different people. It also means different things in different situations.

Content is meaningful information you provide to your customer. It can be a video, a podcast, an article, a downloadable document, and more.

The key to content marketing is to realize that there isn’t anything magical about the content, but it should be developed using some basic guidelines.

Know your customer

Who do you want to attract?

Are they a marketing executive that is looking to gain knowledge and insight from others?

Are they a college graduate that is beginning their foray into the exciting world of underwater basket weaving?

The person you want to attract has their own specific needs and desires. Knowing who they are and what interests them helps you understand where to find them, speak their language, and mirror their needs.

When we go through discovery, we review who the user is, create full detailed user profiles to understand better the person served, and we can provide something that is useful for them

Mother and Daughter

Know your voice

It should represent your brand, or what you want your brand to be

Is your product or service bespoke and cultured leaning towards clean lines and high-end polish?  Is it a grimy, lowbrow rat rod custom car with a rock-a-billy flare. Either way, it needs to represent the people you serve.

Or is it grimy, lowbrow rat rod custom car with a rock-a-billy flare? Either way, it needs to represent the people you serve.Your business begins with the people you serve and making yourself identifiable to them in a way that best represents your business goals authentically.

At Odden Creative, we do not personally know our customers business as they do. They are the experts in the industry they serve, so we go through and look at the attributes that make up their business. From this, we create a style guide that helps hone the look, the feel, and the function of their business.

Create content that your customer hungers for

Your future customers begin the act of buying before they know it.

Putting an explainer video for how to rebuild a carburetor and linking to it from the business account of a financial institution may not grow the customer following you are seeking unless it is part of a series on how to grow a small business.

It might be a better choice for a financial institution to put up videos that explain current market trends, why different types of investments are better than others based on specific goals. Lead that into online landing pages that show how the market is currently trending starts them on a journey. On the landing page, links to other documents that go into greater detail of what choices they are suggesting along with an email signup form to start the nurturing process.

Know where your fan base hangs out

Sending a politician with an extreme left-leaning to a political gathering slated for right-leaning extremists is not going to go to well unless you are in the media.

If you want to make a B2B connection (business to business), your chances are pretty strong on LinkedIn.

If you want to sell camping equipment, a Facebook marketing campaign might work out to be a better fit.

Rat Rod

Intrigue not Interrupt

Today’s consumer has advertising fatigue in a relatively massive way.

Ad blocker use is increasing. People that get interrupted by popups, or go to a website that is so slow because of ads loading will pogo-stick off the site, possibly to never return.

This is where user experience comes forward. (Really, when doesn’t it?)

Create content that is pleasing, informative, and helpful. When the user needs it to be. This puts you in the front of the decision-making process.

In closing…

… the user is who dictates the success of your content. If their needs are served, you win. If it is empty content for the sake of words and a video, you are winning less.

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Author: Darren Odden
A lifetime of design and development background and a passion for the user's experience. Combined with business and marketing skills, I harness all of these skills to collaborate and empower clients and their customers.